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OwnTV Digital Television Network

OwnTV's network provides a complete service to deliver your very own high-definition digital television channel across the Global Internet or your private VLAN, in a fast, reliable and secure manner.

OwnTV's service is unique in two areas, one, its a full 3D TV system that works on any type of screen, from standard 2D (TFT and NTSC/PAL TVs) to the new true-3D glasses-less screens, and, two, it creates the channel content in real-time, allowing both 2D and 3D content to be up-to-the-minute by including data from RSS, text or database content, etc., which is automatically and instantly reflected in the content, i.e. there is no need to re-edit content to include text changes, or even image, video or audio changes, the system will composite the new content in real-time.

To view an introductory leaflet of the ViewPoint 2/3D Digital Signage System, click >here<.  To view a detailed software leaflet, click >here<.  To view a detailed hardware leaflet, click >here<.   To see a ViewPoint 3D screen capture, click  >here< and >here<, to see a FHD airport screen capture, also produced in ViewPoint 3D, click  >here< and click >here< to see it with explanations.
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here to preview the channel schedule (or launch as application)OwnTV is now available in full-HD 3D to provide the most impacting presentation technology available today.

OwnTV® provides a complete digital television package, allowing you to control and distribute your own TV channel to any TV screen connected to the Internet or a LAN. It is easy to use and runs automatically, providing status reports by email and SMS in the event of any errors or systems being disconnected. The OwnTV service is based on proven Sentel Advance technology as used by major banks, airports and retailers.

Distributors required

OwnTV is interested to hear from audio-visual and media companies, installers, resellers, and media content developers interested in distributing Digital Signage.  We can offer very attractive margins and rebranding if required.
A ready-to-go solution

ViewPoint 3D Presenter is the management software for OwnTV

ViewPoint™ 3D is an easy-to-use and proven application for the control, processing and distriburtion of data and audio-visual content, based on the ultimate multimedia operating system. ViewPoint can display audio-visual and data content in real-time, updated automatically from data-bases such as Oracle, SQL Server and Access or any other ODBC or OLEDB compatible database. Our guarantee is that with ViewPoint, there are no limitations.

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